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Hello, I am Richard Henshaw and this is the website for my business, Priory Cast Products. We are a small business that produces high quality metal castings using the "lost wax" or "investment casting" process.

We have over forty years experience producing varied castings in brass, bronze, silver etc. for purposes such as model railway castings, small bronzes for artwork, jewellery, detailed metal items for building restoration, window fittings, industrial components etc. I can produce castings ranging in size from 1 gram to 4kgs.
Each item is hand-cast, I never outsource or sub-contract work and I always personally check each batch to strive to meet your high expectations.

If you'd like to discuss whether my methods are suitable for your requirements please give me a call.
To learn more about the investment casting process in general, a good place to start is Wikipedia:

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Priory Cast Products

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